Arizona Highways Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robert Stieve didn't realize the kerfuffle he was starting with his latest cover.

It boasts Arizona's autumn foliage, and in smaller letters below the headline, it teases, "Why it's better here than it is in Vermont."

Apparently, them's fightin' words in the Green Mountain State.

"It's like going after Switzerland," said Stieve, who's heard from Vermont's tourism director.

His cover even made it to the desk of Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin.

"I think there was a little territorialism going on," Stieve told Phoenix TV station KPHO. "We all love our respective states. They saw the cover line, but inside, we are actually talking about how the quality is great here, as it is in Vermont.

"We set them as the gold standard," Stieve continued. "But what's great about Arizona is that our fall season starts in early September on the north rim and goes literally until the middle of December in some of the desert regions. So, we sort of beat (Vermont) in quantity."

Not to be outdone, Vermont Live, the Vermont equivalent to Arizona Highways, revealed its latest cover online.

It includes a photograph of a local gorge and brags, "Why Quechee Gorge is grander than the Grand Canyon."