Filmmakers hope students will pause and think about the heartbreak one wrong decision can cause.

A simulated drunk driving crash took place Tuesday night near Onalaska High School. It's part of a film being put together showing the dangers of drinking and driving.

Emergency crews, including the Medlink Air helicopter took part, responding as if it was a real crash.

The film's producer and a student actor believe this is the way to really make the message hit home. "I think it's the closest way to put teenagers in the situation, so I think it's a really good thing that they're doing, showing teenagers that this stuff really happens," said West Salem Senior Shelby Cornell.

"The idea is to have students kind of pause and realize that the decisions that they make have real life, long term consequences," said the film's Exec. Producer Scott Davies.

The film is scheduled to be out of editing some time in April. It will be used in schools throughout the area and potentially across the nation.

The Onalaska Fire Department wants to use the film as a teaching tool in place of mock car crashes.