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Woman hit by car in La Crosse dies

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The woman hit by a car earlier this week in La Crosse has passed away.

Police say Yvonne Boehme, 51, was crossing West Avenue near State Street outside of the crosswalk early Monday morning when a car hit her.

She was taken to Gundersen Lutheran. A spokesperson for the hospital told News 8 early Friday morning that Boehme had passed away.

La Crosse Police Sgt. Rank says the driver, a 39-year-old man from La Crosse, was going southbound on West Avenue while Boehme was going westbound, trying to cross West Avenue. Police said the driver was not cited at this time.


News 8 first introduced you to Yvonne Boehme, a woman struggling with homelessness, two weeks ago.

Her story of struggle touched many people in our community, especially after she was struck by a car while crossing the street earlier this week.

Those who know her describe her as someone who has had a rough past, but always stays positive about life, and that attitude had a great impact on one of our viewers.

It was a story that made a mark on Sue LaCoste's heart.

"Every night since I'd seen that segment, I lay down and I think about her and I wonder if she's cold," said LaCoste. "It's just sad."

The story was about Yvonne Boheme who was homeless and waiting on the steps of the Warming Center, this past November, at the First Baptist Church in La Crosse.

Just about every day she waited, Sometimes even 12 hours before the doors opened.

"Gotta wait in line," Boehme said back in November. "They only accept 15 people."

"I was looking in her eyes on TV and it's just that image," said LaCoste. "It's just stuck there with me."

After LaCoste saw the story, she knew she had to do something. So she contacted News 8 for help.

"I get a bonus from work every year and I decided I'm going to share my bonus with her," said LaCoste.


LaCoste was in the process of contacting the Warming Center.

Boheme was a guest there just this past weekend.

"It's just hard to even fathom," said Mary Fitzpatrick, director of the Warming Center. "The last time I saw her, she was sitting in that chair and she was just smiling and just glad to be here."

Fitzpatrick said when Boheme left Monday morning, she was likely on her way to the Salvation Army for breakfast.

That's when a car struck her while she was crossing the street.

Boehme was taken to Gundersen Lutheran where she still remains.

"The volunteers and everyone at Catholic Charities is devastated, and we're keeping her family, her and the other guests who loved her, in our prayers."

And it's the same prayer LaCoste has for Boehme, a stranger in need of help.

"I believe God has a plan for everyone and hopefully she gets better," said LaCoste.

Boehme has almost nothing to her name but some precious belongings tucked away in bags that she carried with her everywhere. But she does have all the hope that brighter days are ahead.

"To have everything in my life in order and to be able to have a house with my kids, to be able to work," Boehme said in November. "I'm not over yet."

LaCoste still wants to help any way she can. She's hoping to make a visit to Gundersen Lutheran soon.

Fitzpatrick said Boehme called the Warming Center home for 25 out of the 30 days last month.

At that time, Boheme was also working with a couple of agencies that were helping to get her back on her feet.

Officials at Gundersen Lutheran still say Boehme remains in critical condition.

Police tell News 8 the driver has not been ticketed at this time.

This is the second incident among the homeless in two weeks.

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