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Woman charged in death of toddler in Trempealeau County

TREMPEALEAU COUNTY, WI - A 22-year-old woman was charged in Trempealeau County Circuit Court Monday in the death of a 22-month-old.

Amanda Butts was charged with first degree reckless homicide, which carries a possible maximum 60-year prison sentence.

According to the criminal complaint, the toddler died as a result of an acute intoxication due to the combined effects of oxycodone, diphenhydramine, and amitriptyline, with ensuing loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, apnea, coma, anoxic brain injury and ultimately death. Those medications include a powerful painkiller, allergy medication, and anti-depressant.

The autopsy showed blunt force trauma to the child's head, torso and extremities. It also showed several abrasions to the scalp, cheek, mouth area, and chin, as well as fractures to two bones in her arm.

According to court documents, Butts was watching the young girl while her boyfriend was away at work. The toddler is her boyfriend's daughter. She told investigators the child was up all day, was "whiney" and would not sleep. She stated at one point she checked on the child and she was not breathing.

Butts told authorities she gave the child oxycodone, but none of the other drugs, and the bruising appeared while trying to remove a piece of a peanut butter sandwich from the child's mouth and while performing CPR.

Butts was arrested on Thursday, July 25.

The Osseso Police Department is conducting this investigation with help from the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department. The Jackson County Sheriff's Department helped with Butts' arrest.


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