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Why some are signing off on social media post-election

Why some are signing off on social media post-election

MADISON, Wis. - A week after the election, some people in our area say they've signed off social media.

Justin Williams logged on to Facebook for the last time on Election Day.

"Oh, it was that night," Williams said. "I was seeing the negativity and a lot of fear and I said, 'I need to get away from this.'"

His Facebook account is now deactivated, and Williams said he's used the time to focus on himself and his work.

"Just to get away from that sadness and regroup to regather myself," Williams said.

News 3 asked social media users whether they had stepped away from social media sites.

Some said they hadn't looked at Facebook or had deleted their account. Some were using Twitter to simply get the news, or said that they'd stayed off social media and tried to reconnect with friends.

Those are all things that UW Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain said she's hearing a lot right now.

"When we tune in, it leaves us maybe stressed, maybe fearful, maybe upset, maybe angry -- on both sides of the political spectrum," Mirgain said.

So instead, she said, maybe the best course of action is to switch off social sites and just stop scrolling.

"Just simply instead of checking social media, take a few deep breaths, or maybe take a walk in nature or read an inspiring book or spend time with loved ones," Mirgain said. "By that disconnection, coming back to ourselves and what we stand for: Who do we want to be in that moment? How do we want to make a difference? Out of that place, then, great positive change happens."

Williams said he'll be back on social media soon, hopefully with a positive update.

"I feel like, in the coming weeks and months, we're going to still focus on what we've been focusing on, whether you're conservative or liberal, and we're going to try to work on the things we can work on," Williams said.

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