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Western administrator, student go dumpster diving

LA CROSSE, Wis. - You can see a number of different things on a college campus everyday, but you may not expect to see people digging through a dumpster.

That was the case Tuesday at Western Technical College.

As part of its Earth Week celebration, Vice President of Finance and Operations Mike Pieper and Building and Systems Technology student Ben Heyer, spent an hour sifting through a campus dumpster.

They were looking for things that should have been recycled, like bottles, cans, and paper.

Overall, the amount the two pulled out is down from years past. That's a trend Pieper would like to see continue, especially for the financial benefits.

"If we can reduce the number of times we have to have pickups that saves us money, if we can reduce our tonnage that saves us money, and as we try to grow the number of students here on campus we want to put that money back in the classrooms," says Pieper.


Earth Week continues through Friday, with activities focusing on green commuting, bottled water, and planting trees.

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