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Westby toddler attacked by Great Dane

the toddler required five stitches

WESTBY, Wis. (WKBT) - A two-year-old required stitches after being attacked by a neighbor's dog.

According to the report the toddler from Westby wandered into the neighbor's yard where the 150 pound Great Dane was tied up.

The dog allegedly grabbed the little girl by the upper thigh and drug her through the neighbor's gravel driveway.

When the mom tried to shield the daughter from the dog the dog clenched onto the top of her head leaving marks.

Neighbors from down the street heard the screaming and came to help and began to punch the dog to stop it from attacking.

The daughter was transported by ambulance and required 3 stitches on her thigh and two stitches on the inside of her upper arm.

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