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Westby 'Sewer Dog' finds new home

VIROQUA, Wis. - Many of the animals that end up at the local shelters are looking for the love they lost or sometimes never even received from their owners.

But after a rocky beginning to her life, one special dog's quest for finding a family it can call "home" for forever, just might be over.

"You're a good girl Lucy," said Linzi Gronning, director of the Vernon County Humane Society.

But for little Lucy, the wait is almost over.

"She's gone from being in a breeding facility, to a home, to a sewer, to an animal shelter, back to home and then now again, looking for another home, which we found," said Gronning.

We first introduced you to Lucy in Sept. 2011 when an operator noticed her swirling around in the Westby sewage plant.

After the operator and police fished her out safely she was brought to the shelter.

"Because Channel 8, you guys did a story on her, her owner saw that on television and were able to reclaim her," said Gronning.

But the happy reunion unfortunately came to an end.


"Because she had been in a breeding situation where she had no socialization, no exposure to being a member of the family, they realized she needed a lot more time than they could give," said Gronning. "So it was hard for them to give her up."

Lucy has spent the last month waiting at the shelter for a new home.

In that time, staff and volunteers put in extra effort to helping Lucy learn social skills.

Then Melissa Schuster walked into the shelter.

"(I) was actually interested in a different dog, but then I heard her story and wanted to give her a chance," said Schuster.

After their first meeting, Schuster knew Lucy was the dog for her.

"You have that connection with the dog, and you can just tell when you look in their eyes, and they look back at you and you can just tell," said Schuster.

With one more goodbye to her friends, some small furry felines, and bigger friends she's made at the shelter, Lucy the sewer dog is finally on her way home, and hopefully this time for forever.

The Vernon County Humane Society hasn't seen the last of Lucy yet.

Schuster said she has family in the area so they'll be making plenty of visits back to the shelter.

The shelter is actually reaching its capacity for both cats and dogs.

For more information on adoptions head to the shelter website.

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