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Weekend kicks –off with Oktoberfest Tapping of the Golden Keg

Edelweiss Parade saw keg from brewery to fest grounds

Weekend kicks –off with Oktoberfest Tapping of the Golden Keg

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Festivities at the Southside fest grounds got underway Friday with the arrival of the golden keg.

The Edelweiss Parade accompanied the golden keg from the City Brewery to the Fest Grounds. And while this morning's events were the final official events for last year's festmaster, it's still fun for everyone.

"Yesterday and today have been just wonderful, and the Torchlight parade last night, the Edelweiss Parade and the opening ceremonies today, those are real hallmarks of Oktoberfest, and I'm enjoying every minute of it," said the 2015 Oktoberfest Festmaster Chuck Roth.

And once the keg arrived at the Southside fest grounds, it was time for the annual tapping.

The 2016 Tapping of the Golden Keg is a special year in the history of Oktoberfest. This year marks the temporary return of the Old Style brew to La Crosse.

The special Oktoberfest brew is the official beer for the 2016 festivities. Brewers say getting the chance to brew an old local beer helped bring our community together.

"It really energized everybody at the brewery, myself included, and really the whole community has really jumped on board to welcome Old Style back to La Crosse," said City Brewery Brewmaster Randy Hughes.

Prior to this year's return Old Style hadn't been brewed in La Crosse for 17 years.

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