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Website not yet showing all absentee votes

Commission says votes were counted

MADISON, Wis. - Early voters concerned about the status of their votes might not see their votes on the My Vote website for up to a month.

Wisconsin Elections Commission public information officer Reid Magney told News 3 that while absentee votes were counted last night, processing the ballots in the WisVote system is still underway. He said people may not see their ballot marked as counted in that system for up to a month.

"All ballots, including absentee ballots, are counted on Election Day and voter participation is recorded after the election," said a statement from the commission. "Local election officials have up to 45 days after the election to record voter participation. Check back on MyVote over the next few weeks to verify that your participation was recorded."

The city of Madison clerk's office said the process doesn't happen overnight, and it's not directly linked to the ballot being fed into the tabulator to be counted.

Voters have reported seeing an error message on the website after the polls closed Tuesday.

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