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Washburn Association builds micro gardens

Members use new grant money to finish project

Washburn Neighborhood Builds Micro Gardens

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - One La Crosse neighborhood is using its new status to make our city a little greener.

Back in October, the Washburn Neighborhood Association received accreditation as a non-profit organization, which gave them the ability to apply for grants and other funding. Now, community members are using the first of their grant money to help build micro gardens.

The idea is to put miniature gardens in people's backyards and balconies so they can grow their own vegetables. Organizers say it's the perfect way save money and have a little fun while doing it.

"It's extremely important, because you know where you food comes from, and it saves people money if they grow their own tomatoes and they grow their own peppers," said Randy Magno, a member of the association. "It gives them a chance to get their hands dirty. It gives them a chance to play in the dirt and grow something of their own."

The association started by building the micro gardens at La Crosse's YMCA Teen Center. They'll also install some at homes inside the Washburn neighborhood throughout the rest of June.

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