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Warmer temperatures affect business sales

High temperatures affect business sales

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The calendar might have us preparing for winter storms but mother nature is giving us an extended fall.

While we may be enjoying the warmer temperatures, others are finding some disadvantages to the late start to winter.

Although many in La Crosse aren't complaining about being able to walk or jog outside even months after the summer, depending on the job, sunshine isn't always good for business.

"It was a tough year last year, and we're gonna be recovering from that for a little while, we didn't get open until right after Christmas last year, and the weather was pretty similar to now so we're a little bit nervous," said Darcie Breidel, general manager at Mount La Crosse.

Sunshine and 60 degrees may not be much to complain about during November in the Midwest, but Breidel says a business like hers takes a big loss from warmer than average temperatures.

"When we don't get open until after Christmas obviously we lose the whole month of December and then the three month operation, that's pretty catastrophic," she said.

Businesses like Ace Hardware, are also noticing the downfall.

Ace Hardware employee Bill Klein says he hasn't sold one snow shovel or snow blower yet. But surprisingly enough, some other sales are making up for the loss.

"We've been selling a lot of grass seeds especially, fall is a great time to plan grass seeds so they've been able to do that later," Klein said.

For those who work mostly outside, warmer temperatures are something to celebrate.

"Able to get a lot more work done later on in the season, keeping more guys employed which is always good, keeping the economy going around here, not having to fight through all the freezing conditions, it just makes it a little easier," said Rob Michel, a crane operator.

Managers at Mount La Crosse say even if they don't get a lot of snow,  they will still be able to open for business as they have workers using equipment to make snow.

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