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UW-La Crosse's students begin moving in

About 3,000 students will fill dorms Friday and Saturday

UW-La Crosse's students begin moving in

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Cars lined the streets around UW-La Crosse Friday.

Parents were dropping their college students off.

Around 3,000 students are moving into the dorms Friday and Saturday. Students and staff were on hand to help haul everyone's stuff from their car to their new room.
Again this year the on-campus student population is overcrowded.

"This summer we spent about $1.8 million dollars in getting new bed lofting systems so students don't have to rent a loft. All of the bedrooms are loftable. So, I think that's going to ease the transition, the move in experience," said UW-La Crosse Director of Residence Life Nick Nicklaus.

The University is hoping to ease the overcrowding with a new residence hall proposed for 2016.

In the meantime the incoming freshman don't seem to be worried about tight spaces. They're looking forward to the stereotypical college experience.

"Hanging out with friends, meeting new people, all the different activities that the school hosts, that they city hosts," said Freshamn Ander Baumann.

"Everybody seems friendly, seems like it's going to be a good year," said Freshman Alexis Seitz.

"It's kind of like starting our lives, you know. learning how to grow up," said Freshman Hunter Alderton.

To cut down on the amount of traffic on campus, each student received a map and specific time to move in. Plus, a new bed lofting system is cutting down on congestion in the hallways.

"Most definitely and I think people can come in, instead of having to move the bed out, set up the loft and then move everything back in, everything can stay right in the room and they just have to raise and lower the bed frame," said Nicklaus.

As of Saturday morning, more than 2,600 students had already moved into the residence halls.

Classes start on Tuesday.

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