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UW-L student battling cancer receives extraordinary degree

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It was a dream come true for one UW-La Crosse student on Sunday.

Kim Graham, received an extraordinary degree and a standing ovation at the La Crosse Center at UW-L's graduation ceremony.

She's battled cancer since her senior year of high school.

Throughout her college career at UW-L she had to drop out of classes multiple times for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Now her doctors say there is nothing left they can do to fight her tumor.


While she won't be able to finish classes, she was able to walk across the stage in front of family and friends and earn what every college student works for.

"I'm so happy to have them here to celebrate with me and they're all incredible people too and I couldn't have gotten my degree without them being there for me throughout the whole thing. It just feels good to say I've earned a college degree and I'm really happy I never gave up so that I can be here today and have it," said Graham.

Graham will head to the Milwaukee Children's hospital for more treatments.

She said while the doctors say her chances aren't good, she's not giving up hope.

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