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US Trans Pacific Partnership concerns local leaders

Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition joins talks

U.S Trans Pacific Partnership Concerns

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Trade negotiations between the US and 11 different countries have area labor leaders speaking out.

Monday morning members from the Western Wisconsin AFL CIO met with representatives involved in the US Trans Pacific Partnership.

Representatives from the US are in the process of negotiating international trade policies. If passed this will be the largest free trade agreement ever negotiated.

Advocates for area workers have been critical over the policies discussed during the trade talks. They're asking for more transparency during the negotiations and equal labor standards in other countries.

"If American workers have to compete with workers who are making very very low wages that have no protection over working standards then obviously American workers are at an unfair advantage," said Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition President David Newby.

The Trans Pacific Partnership hopes to give American workers more opportunities by providing increased access to markets in other countries.

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