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Truckers stranded in Iowa after I-80 gets blocked

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) - Dozens of truckers are stranded in central Iowa after eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 have become completely blocked because of snow-related accidents.

About 30 truckers are waiting out the weather by drinking coffee at Love's Travel Stops and Country Store just off the interstate in Newton, and many more are sitting and sleeping in their trucks in the packed parking lot.

Clerk Tammy Roush said the stranded drivers started arriving last night and their numbers are growing Thursday because of a major accident near Grinnell, 18 miles east of there.

The Iowa State Patrol says eastbound lanes of the interstate are impassable after an accident involving several semi-tractor trailers.

Roush says a trooper who stopped at the store told her that 8 trucks had jackknifed, and the road was closed.

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