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Transformer transported to Holmen substation

Move completed after week long delay

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) -  A 400,000-pound transformer is finally delivered to its destination. The move comes after week long delay.

The transformer which converts electrical power from higher to lower voltages.. was moved today to a substation in Holmen. It was originally supposed to be transported last week, but the recent rain made the move impossible., leaving the transformer sit just five miles away from the substation. Along with the weather the size of the transformer caused problems as well.

Crews planned on moving the transformer to its substation on the road, but instead crews had to take it cross county with the help of a farmer and his field

"Usually we're able to stay on the roads and stuff, but just the way the bridges are here, we weren't able to. The bridges were either too light or too long, we weren't able to and we couldn't get a across with the weight of this unit," said Xcel Substation Foreman, Rob Bullis.

The trailer used to transport the transformer is run by remote control and does not require a driver.

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