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Town of Holland not backing down in fight against power line project

Town: "Turn Back Incomplete Application"

TOWN OF HOLLAND, Wis. (WKBT) - One La Crosse County town isn't backing down from trying to stop a high voltage power line project.

The Badger Coulee Line would bring more power between northern La Crosse County and an area just north of Madison. It's a joint effort between the American Transmission Company and Xcel Energy.

Much of the project would use existing power lines, but some areas like the town of Holland, would need to build some new ones.

Badger Coulee submitted what's been deemed an incomplete application back in October.

Last week, they re-submitted it, but the town of Holland says it's still missing pieces."The fact that they put in their response, I think in January, that Pedretti street only has one house and they're keeping a close eye on it, it has two houses on it. If they submitted it and didn't look again, it concerns us that they aren't aware of what is happening in the community and that the community's best interest isn't theirs," said town of Holland Clerk Marilyn Pedretti.

A spokesperson for the Badger Coulee Line declined to comment, but provided News 8 with a statement:

"Given the scope of the proposed Badger Coulee Transmission Line Project, we expect the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will conduct a detailed analysis of the project need and proposed routes. Just like ATC and Xcel, the PSC invites public input to help understand the potential impact on landowners, communities and the environment. The public's involvement in the PSC's regulatory review process can aid the PSC in its decision making."

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