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Town of Campbell hires investigator to look into Chief's actions

Local lawyer Frank Doherty tapped to investigate Chief Kelemen

Town of Campbell hires investigator to look into Chief's actions

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Town of Campbell is moving forward with an investigation into their embattled police chief.

The board went into closed session for about an hour Tuesday before voting unanimously to hire an independent investigator.

Chief Tim Kelemen has been on leave since mid-June, accused of signing up a local activist for online websites including insurance, dating and porn sites.

The board voted to hire Frank Doherty, a La Crosse attorney to head up the investigation. Doherty will investigate everything and have access to witnesses, police files and even the chief.

Doherty has no specific rules or directions from the board,other than finding the truth. "He's looking for, to try to find out what was done, what's the context it was done in and potentially look at what, if anything, should happen next," said Town of Campbell lawyer Brent Smith.

Doherty is a lawyer for Hale Skemp in La Crosse and is the Town of Shelby lawyer. Smith says it's not unusual to hire a lawyer for these types of investigations, and not law enforcement.

The board thinks Doherty is the right person to handle this particular case. "Good reputation, straight shooter, has no connection at all with what's going on here and that's an important thing and you want somebody with that background, I think, to come to the table and give recommendations and fact-finding," said Smith.

Doherty's work is separate from the criminal investigation looking into whether Kelemen broke any laws.

The board expects this investigation to take a couple of months but there is no specific time table.

The board will review the information and if they decide punishment is necessary, they will then create a committee that will decide the punishment.

The Smith said hiring an investigator is a normal step for a municipality in this type of situation.

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