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Thousands paid to La Crosse city employees on paid leave

LA CROSSE. Wis. -- - It's been five months since two city of La Crosse employees were escorted from City Hall and placed on paid administrative leave.

The city is still refusing to say why.

On May 25, Assistant City Attorney Peter Kisken and Community Development Administrator Liana Escott were escorted from City Hall.

They are still on paid administrative leave and there's no telling when the investigation will wrap up.

They each make a little more than $6,000 a month.

Do the math and five months later the city has paid them a total of $60,000 so far while on leave.

Calls were put in to Kisken and Escott but Kisken did not return the call and Escott refused to comment.

Human Resources Director Wendy Oestrich said she cannot comment until the investigation is complete.

When asked how long it should take, she wouldn't give an answer.


The City Attorney's Office, the Mayor's office and the City Planning office have also refused to comment on the reason behind the leave or when the investigation may wrap up.

All the while, the taxpayer bill continues to rise.

News 8 also filed an open records request to try to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

That request was denied because the city said it's related to a current investigation.

The city has also refused to say who is conducting the investigation.

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