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Study: Drinking alcohol before bed interferes with sleep

Good and bad news for people who enjoy an alcoholic beverage before going to sleep.

Research shows having a drink before bed might help you fall asleep faster, but interferes with a good night's sleep.

London's Sleep Center says alcohol helps a person get into a deep sleep for a longer period of time, but reduces dream sleep.

Doctors say that we sleep in a pattern and when there is an imbalance in the stages of sleep it ruins the rest we are getting.

"It takes away that dream sleep in the first half of the night and replaces it with the deeper stage of sleep and then you start waking up a lot more at the end of the night, so then that starves you of the dream sleep at the end of the night," said Gundersen Lutheran's Ivy Andersen, M.D.

A lack of dream sleep can impact a person's memory and concentration.


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