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Students, professionals to discuss consequences of risky behavior

LA CROSSE, Wis - A partnership between Gundersen Lutheran and UW-La Crosse will give high school students in La Crosse a unique learning opportunity.

On Monday night, the school board put its support behind the collaboration that will provide real-life stories and examples demonstrating the consequences of risky behaviors. That includes messages on binge drinking, drugs, and unsafe dieting.

Professionals at Gundersen Lutheran and graduate students at UW-L will give the presentations.

Aubrey Stetter, a graduate student and a driving force behind the program, says there are a lot of important messages to share and a number of myths to debunk.

"Truly it's our actions that depict how we will be now and in the future, and I think people really underestimate how much power they have behind their own health and their destiny with their health, says Stetter."

School officials like Eric Check, the K-12 Health and P.E. Curriculum Supervisor, think these special presentations will make more of an impact, because it's not coming just from a teacher or a textbook.

"They understand there is a level of importance when they're hearing it from not only educators but also doctors from professors from community members in general it tends to have a little more sticking power the more you hear it," says Check.

Check says a few presentations will happen this semester and expects the program to really get going this fall.

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