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Storm spotters recognized for their work

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - Storm Spotters from all over the area are recognized in La Crosse Saturday.

It's part of the annual SKYWARN amateur radio recognition day. Radio operators spent the day at the National Weather Service making contacts with other storm spotters and seeing the other side of the operation.

Spotters are often the eyes and ears for the National Weather Service in the event of severe weather.  Saturday they were recognized for that hard work.

"Just a way of saying thank you for the hard work that they do to help to verify what radar sees," says SKYWARN Coordinator Christopher Kanable, "because radar is not 100% perfect, and that's where the storm spotters come in an provide the ground truth information and verify, and help keep the public safe."

The SKYWARN recognition day was held at National Weather Service offices across the country Saturday.


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