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State, Town of Holland hold meeting for potential powerline

Meeting to focus on environmental impact

State, Town of Holland hold meeting for potential powerline

TOWN OF HOLLAND, Wis. (WKBT) - Plans to build a new power line in our area are quickly moving forward - but one community is doing its best to stop the project in its tracks.

It's the stuff of myths, just like the classic David and Goliah story - the little town of Holland is taking on a giant, the American Transmission Company.

"I think we're going at this like a three-headed monster to try to known down" - that's how Holland resident Brian Meeter sees his community's fight against a potential power line that would run right through the heart of Holland.

If state agencies approve the project put forth by ATC and Xcel Energy - called the Badger Coulee Line - the power line could be up and running by 2018. But first, the environmental impact to the Coulee Region has to be determined.

Wisconsin's Public Service Commission will hold a meeting at the Holland Town Hall Monday from 3 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. to determine the environmental impact the potential power line could have. Town officials are encouraging residents to come along, and bring along a pen.

"This is a time when we can act and do things," says Mike Hoffman, a member of the town board.

Hoffman and others will be on hand at the meeting to help residents fill out an environmental impact study that details how community members think the power line would negatively affect the land.

Hoffman and others are hoping the meeting is a small step toward winning this ultimate underdog tale.

"The little man can have a save in government, and we can stand up for our rights," he says.

Town of Holland resident Brian Meeter says any little input could help.

"I couldn't imagine sitting out here, playing with my kids in a couple years and these great big towers overhead and thinking, 'I didn't do anything. I didn't try to fight it," he says.

Town officials say they're stressing the importance of offering up alternatives to the plan ATC has proposed - options like burying the line, moving it north out of the community or connecting it with already-existing lines.

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