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Soldier receives community, business support before deployment


ONALASKA, Wis. -- A local soldier preparing for duty overseas leaves soon with the support of our community and its businesses.

Sgt Kail Dvorak of Onalaska's 327th Army Reserve Unit is about to leave for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

At a send-off dinner Wednesday night at Olive Garden, Sgt. Dvorak and his daughter got a surprise. They found out they're being "adopted" by employees at T-J Maxx.

The "adoption" means Sgt Dvorack will be getting letters and care packages from employees there while he is overseas, something he says is always welcome.

"Oh they're great," Dvorack says. "(In my last deployment) I got letters from my daughter. It's what keeps a guy going."

Sgt. Dvorak was nominated to be "adopted" by a TJ Maxx employee who is also in the Army Reserves.

Store managers say this is a great opportunity to show the community's gratitude to its soldiers.

"It's so important to thank our troops and let them know that we stand behind them...each and every one...and get involved in the community as well," says Courtney Kubil, an assistant store manager at TJ Maxx.

An easy way to connect with a local military member is through "Operation Military Support." Click here for more information.

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