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Snowy owl being nursed back to health in Chaseburg


CHASEBURG, Wis. -- A local couple is helping rehabilitate a bird rarely seen in our area.

An injured Snowy Owl is currently living at the home of Mervin and Suzannne Broten's Coulee Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Chaseburg.

The Owl had to be rescued from an icy waterway last month.  It had a severely burned right wing possibly from contact with a power line.  So far, the owl has undergone two surgeries and it has a long road to recovery ahead of it.

In fact, the injury was so bad it may not even be possible to release the owl back into the wild.  "What's going to happen is scar tissue is going to grow in.  Scar tissue is not as elastic as skin.  So the bird may not ever recover full extension of its wing and be able to fly well enough to be released back into the wild," says Mervin Broten.

The center is also helping a barred owl and a screech owl recover right now.  For more information on the rehabilitation center and on how to help with the costs of caring for their animals, you find them on facebook.   Just do a search for 'Coulee Wildlife Rehab.'

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