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Skyrockers prepare to light up the sky on New Year's Eve

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- - It's a chance to see just how much work goes into pulling off La Crosse's New Year's Eve fireworks show.

The La Crosse Skyrockers held a fundraiser on Saturday at Myrick Park.

The annual fireworks display costs nearly $10,000 to put on, which is raised through donations to the nonprofit group.

Not only could people at the event support the Skyrockers, they could also learn about about fireworks and fireworks safety.


This is only the second year the group has held the "Stuff the Mortars" fundraiser, but members say the community's history of supporting their show goes much farther back.

"Since our organization started in 1929, it has been 100 percent community funded. It's the longest standing pyrotechnics display in the United States that's been funded by the community," said Jonathan Vermes, a member of Skyrockers.

The other main fundraiser for the Skyrockers is the "Nightly Shot", where people can make a donation to launch a firework off of Granddad Bluff.

To find out more about how you can support the Skyrockers visit http://skyrockers.org/?doing_wp_cron=1355010849.9878499507904052734375

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