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Sentencing in child abuse case delayed after change in plea

Coon Valley man retracts guilty plea

Man Changes Plea

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Sentencing for the Coon Valley man accused of denting his 8-month-old girl's skull is delayed because of a last minute change of mind.

21-year-old Robert Schmidt was supposed to be sentenced in court Friday. Instead, Schmidt and his layer withdrew his guilty plea because of concerns with how his case was being handled prior to sentencing.

Schmidt is charged with child abuse after doctors decided the infant's injuries did not match his version of what happened.

Schmidt originally said the baby had rolled over in her bassinet and hit her head on the side of it before changing his story a number of times. None of Schmidt's explanations were consistent with the injuries.

There will now be an evidentiary hearing on the plea. The date of that hearing has yet to be decided.

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