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Riverfront Inc. in La Crosse offers new housing opportunities

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Adults with disabilities in our area will soon have new options to help them stay independent.

Riverfront is opening a new Adult Family Home next month in La Crosse.

It has four bedrooms, and a focus on independence.

On-site staff from Riverfront will be there to teach residents about nutrition, cooking, and personal safety.

Plus, with the help of Four Loons LLC, Riverfront is also going to be able to place eight adults with disabilities in their own log cabin homes, which are under construction right now.

The cabins are part of the organization's 'Live-By' program. Residents live alone and care for themselves, but Riverfront staff live in the neighborhood, and are available 24/7 if a resident needs them.

"If you have any sort of a physical disability, sometimes you are limited with where you're able to find a home to rent or to purchase, and these will be built to accommodate those needs," says Lisa Duncanson, Riverfront's Regional Services Director.  "These models are so unique in that we have that staff person as your next-door neighbor. So you're going to have them coming in on a regular basis, and if you have an emergency they're within a short walk to respond to you."

There is a fouth bedroom in an apartment-like space for a participant who will live there on a transitional, temporary basis as in preparation to move out to live independently. When that happens, Riverfront says another participant will move in for the same process.

For more information you can head to Riverfront's website.

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