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Residents can try new voting machines at City Hall

Polling places used them during Spring Primary

New Voting Machines

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse County rolled out its new voting machines for the Spring Primary election earlier this week.

City and county clerks said everything went smoothly and some voters didn't really notice the difference. However, there is one change on the ballot.

"They are no longer completing a broken arrow. Instead they are darkening in the oval next to the candidate of their choice," said La Crosse City Clerk Teri Lehrke.

The new machines should save some money, too. They won't be constantly running a roll of paper, the ballots are recorded electronically to a memory stick, the ballots are thinner, and voters won't have to use a certain type of pen.

"Before you would have to use a special pen that was provided by ESS that had lead in it, because that's how the Eagles (voting machine) were able to read what's marked on the ballot. Now it's just a regular black, ball point pen," said La Crosse County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer.

Once a voter inserts a ballot into the new machine, a "Thank you for voting" message will pop up on the screen to confirm the ballot has been counted.

You can try the new machines at the La Crosse City Hall. There's a demonstration ballot you can fill out and put in the machine.

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