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Research shows flu vaccine is working

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - New  research is suggesting the influenza vaccination is  proving to be effective.

A study done by Duke 's University Medical centers shows majority of patients admitted for the flu did not get vaccinated. At the same time, health experts say they are seeing a small percentage of patients admitted who were vaccination for influenza.

Although doctors say the vaccine is working, Gundersen Health System's  Infection Preventionist, Marilyn Micheals  say it's important for everyone to get vaccinated to prevent the virus from spreading.

"It's so important for the close contacts of our most vulnerable patients get vaccinated. It's not always about you, you need to be protecting that you are close to," said Micheals.

Doctors say it's never too late to get vaccinated, especially infants and elderly , who tend to be the most vulnerable to the virus.

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