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Rep. Walz discusses VA reform with area veterans

Congressman expects VA to be among first topics discussed in Washington

Rep. Walz discusses VA reform with area veterans

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - How to improve VA hospitals is the focus of a discussion in Winona Thursday.

Representative Tim Walz sat down with veterans at the American Legion in Winona to discuss ideas to reform the VA and increase access to care.

This comes on the heels of a scheduling scandal at the Phoenix VA, and others across the nation.

Rep. Walz, who served in the Army for 24 years, says now is the time to improve the hospitals.

Some ideas from the roundtable included increasing the ability for vets to seek care outside the VA, hiring more doctors and better accountability.

"There will be a whole lot of different ideas. We will put them together and glean the best out of each of them," said Rep. Walz. "My goal is to see what we can take back and put in, what my constituents and veterans here have said need to be in, and if it's already been written, if it's pieces of Senator McCain's bill, let's take that, if there's pieces of Senator Sander's bill, pieces of the Vietnam Veterans have put things forward, let's do that."

Rep. Walz expects the VA to be one of the first topics taken up when he's back in Washington next week.

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