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Rainy weather bring mixed results for area businesses

LA CROSSE CO., Wis. - The unusually wet spring and summer is making it a tough time for some businesses to get work done, but others are soaking up the profits.

Dennis Nelson and his crew with River City Irrigation have been very patient with Mother Nature this year.

"(Just) waiting for it to stop raining so we can get things accomplished," said Nelson.

What would normally be a two-day job installing sprinklers has become more like three or four days because of the amount of rain this year.

"If we have to dig up a yard and make a big muddy mess, we'll just leave and let it dry up," said Nelson.

Even on sunny days like Wednesday, Nelson said water is still an issue.

"Everything's heavier, it's wetter," said Nelson. "Our machinery and our equipment sinks into the mud, there's a lot of issues as far as hand-dig things that we'd normally use our equipment for."

But that's not so much the case at Sunshine Floral in La Crosse.


"I think flowers just cheer someone up on a gloomy day," said Julie Yeager, owner of Sunshine Floral.

Ironically, Yeager said it's the opposite.

"On cloudy days, rainy days, it has been busy at Sunshine Floral," said Yeager. "I don't even understand it."

So while the work may be a little slower for some, Nelson said water isn't all bad. It just depends on where it's coming from.

"It's our biggest competitor that we have trouble with," Nelson said looking up at the sky. "Yeah, this looks good. We're moving right along and we'll get it done today, hopefully."

Nelson said he was expecting more business this year because of last year's drought. While that is true, he said he would have expected even more business if there wasn't so much rain this spring and summer.

Yeager said when there have been three or four rainy days in a row, she sees about three times more phone calls for orders than on sunny days.

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