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Preparing for tax season

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Like it or not, it's tax season. And you can now file for both federal and state returns.

Tax specialists say a good way to start getting everything together this year is to look at everything you had last year. Next, make a list from that pile for things you'll need this year.


That includes charitable donations and important documents you receive in the mail, some of which may still be on their way. "Dates are important: January 31st W-2's don't have to be postmarked until then, Mutual bonds, stocks, things like that aren't postmarked until February 15th, so if you had those items last year at least wait until then to get your documents for the current year," said Annie Jepson from Becker Tax and Bookkeeping in Onalaska.

As always, taxes are due April 15th.

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