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Prairie du Chien police address meth problem

Two labs busted in two weeks

Prairie du Chien police address meth problem

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. (WKBT) - A drug raid in Prairie du Chien this past weekend marks two in just the last two weeks.

Saturday, investigators found three "one-pot" methamphetamine labs at an empty home on South Marquette Street, in the heart of Prairie. The week before, they found three others at a motel just down the road.

"This [area] has been kind of a hot bed in the state for methamphetamine," said Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram.

The "one-pot" way of cooking up meth has become more popular in western Wisconsin - manufacturers can make the drug on a smaller scale in plastic bottles. An active one can be dangerous and quick to light on fire, making the problem more serious for law enforcement.

Officers are working on drawing up charges against those involved in the latest case, and won't say much about the ongoing investigation, except that one-pots are a problem that aren't going away anytime soon.

"We're going to continue to battle it regardless of the fact," Abram said. "We put people in jail, and then there's always that one person who thinks they know how to cook now, and they're going to start cooking right behind that person. So it's a continuous battle for all jurisdictions that have a methamphetamine problem."

Prairie du Chien police regularly hold community meetings to educate residents on the meth problem.

They teach people the dangers of meth, and also how to spot signs of a lab in your neighborhood.

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