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Potluck brings discussion about Minnesota's natural resources

Discussion to find common ground between agriculture and outdoor recreation

Conservation Potluck

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - Area conservation is the topic of discussion over a potluck in Winona.

US Representative Tim Walz met with conservation groups today to talk about their ongoing effort to protect Minnesota's natural resources. Because many of these groups worked together in passing the farm bill the potluck also served as a celebration of their hard work.

Representative Walz said their effort isn't over. There is still work to be done to find common ground between agriculture and outdoor recreation.

"We have a heritage of making things work here, We have clean rivers at the same time we have production agriculture, We have to keep leading in that, we can't fall through these false choices, everyone want's clean water, but everyone wants to eat, we can find those solutions," said Representative Walz.

Before the potluck Representative Walz went for a bike ride with students from Rochester and Faribault high school bike teams to help advocate for more trails in the area.

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