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Police find 2 'one pot' meth labs near area railroad track

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. - Prairie du Chien police found two "one pot" methamphetamine labs by the railroad tracks underneath the overpass on Cliffwood Drive on Wednesday.

Police say they received a call around 10:20 a.m. about a suspicious item near the railroad tracks.

Investigators found a television and other electronic appliances that had been illegally dumped. After searching along the ditch line, police found a suspicious bag with Gatorade bottles inside.

The Prairie du Chien Narcotics Division was called to the scene and found the two "one pot" meth labs.

"These labs were old and were not currently active," Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram said. "However we still take all the necessary precautions to protect innocent citizens from exposure to this heinous drug."

The chief says the lab was cleaned up by a certified company from Germantown, Wisconsin.

If you have any information about the meth labs or the illegally dumped appliances, you're asked to contact the Prairie du Chien Police Department at (608) 326-2421 or the Crawford County Crimestoppers at (608) 326-8999.

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