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Participation jumps in Winona Co. recycling program

WINONA COUNTY, Minn. - Winona County's recycling coordinator says more than 90-percent of people living in the county are recycling.

Anne Morse says participation in the county's recycling program has jumped by 50-percent and the number of tons collected through the program has doubled.

"Increases like these are unprecedented for mature programs like ours, and other counties are now considering curbside service for their rural residents too," Morse said.

The increase in recycling also means more demand for carts than the county has available. Morse asks people who notice blue carts that are sitting unused to email those locations to recycling@co.winona.mn.us.

The County wants to remind residents of the following reccing program changes beginning on January 1, 2013:

  • Residents who bungee or tie down carts down may continue to do so, but carts must be untied on pickup day or they won't be emptied.

  • Carts should be placed within 5 ft of the curb on pickup day, and closer is even better. With winter upon us, be sure carts are accessible and don't become buried or frozen in to snow banks.  The route drivers are hard-working, but they need your help with this.     

  • Residents with driveways to the street should place carts on the curb.  Only residents without street access will have their carts picked up in alleys.

  • Take a minute to review the label on the cart lid for what's OK to put in the cart.  Items other that those listed create problems at the sorting facility, and count toward our 4% contamination limit.   

Click here for more information on Winona County's recycling program.

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