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Operation Riverfront patrols on Sunday

Special lookout for St. Patrick's Day

Heading into a holiday weekend, the La Crosse Police Reserve Commander says contact after hours in Riverside Park is down about 30%.

The reserves, along with students from all three area colleges, go on potentially lifesaving patrols Thursday-Saturday nights. It's a continued effort to stop people from going into the Mississippi River.

Since St. Patrick's Day falls on Sunday this year, the patrols will be extended to that night as well.

Adam Wohlwend, the La Crosse Police Reserve Commander, says convenient scheduling by the schools is helping keep the patrol numbers up.

"It just so happens the weekends that they had spring break are alternating weekends, so we have one college that's dedicated this weekend and they should have volunteers down here as well," says Wohlwend.

Wohlwend guesses the decrease in contacts is due in part to the weather.


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