Hilltoppers are reaching new heights

ONALASKA, Wis - Onalaska Coach Megan Swiggum knew her Hilltoppers team could reach new heights this season, but she might have been the only one.

"I told them that I expected them to win conference," Swiggum said. "Onalaska's just never been seen as a powerhouse, so it's hard to get their minds to actually believe it, and I think that they did."

"In the beginning, I wasn't really sure if we could actually win conference," said junior middle hitter Courtney Meyer. "It just kinda blew my mind, like she expects this much of us, but then going into the first game against Central and beating them, that was like , we're actually good, and we actually can do it."


If you ask Courtney Meyer what the key to the season is, she'll say team chemistry, especially between her and setter Elena Carey.

"Elena, like it'll sometimes seem like we have telepathy," Meyer said. "I don't even have to say where I want the set to be and she'll just know, and she'll put it right where I want it."

"We just have this weird communication where we don't have to say anything, and we just know what each other's thinking," Carey said.

Carey is the only senior that was on the 2009 team that didn't win a single conference game. She's seen the program come full circle.

"My freshman year, I never knew we could be this good. Now we're winning conference so it's great," Carey said.

"I've been expecting it all year, and becuse I expected it, they expected it," said Swiggum. "We weren't the preseason favorite. We weren't even the preseason second. It's been fun proving people wrong."

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