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Onalaska District shares referendum information with residents

ONALASKA, WI (WKBT) - The Onalaska School District is getting the word out about its new referendum.

Since the announcement of the 2014 referendum, the district has used a variety of ways to inform residents. So far, school officials have used monthly newsletters, public forums, and they've even created a newspaper to highlight residents' concerns. The district hopes providing more information to the public will show that the community's money is not going to waste.  

"You trust us with this extra money to override that revenue limit , we're going to work our fingers to the bone to make sure you get a good product in terms of your students, and we're going to do it in a fiscally responsible manner," said Superintendent Fran Finco.

Money from the 2014 referendum will help the school district upgrade its technology, expand its operating budget and make improvements to Northern Hills Elementary.


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