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Oktoberfest 2016 a little less disruptive than previous years

Police department received fewer calls, issued fewer tickets

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Another Oktoberfest is in the books, and the fest-goers were fairly well behaved compared to previous years.

Thanks to a temporary base in the Aguilera building near the UWL campus, the La Crosse Police Department had a bigger police presence on campus. The department says the downtown aid station was also a success this year thanks to support from businesses and the community.

Overall, officers say they are happy with how this year's festivities were handled.

"This was a very safe Oktoberfest. From a law enforcement perspective, very successful, very happy with how things went, very few large incidents. We're always going to have some enforcement, that's part of what we have to do," said La Crosse Police Department Captain Jason melby.

As expected, the La Crosse Police Department had an above- average number of calls this weekend. From about five o'clock Thursday night to midnight Friday, the department received 1049 calls, about double a normal weekend. That number is still below the 1177 seen last year though.

Preliminary numbers as of this morning show the police issued 104 underage drinking tickets, one OWI, and 14 other alcohol-related tickets.

Both Gundersen and Mayo saw 25 visits to their emergency rooms for alcohol-related issues, also down from last year.

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