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Non-gendered homecoming court coming to WSU

Change comes to better include all students

Non-gendered homecoming court coming to WSU

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - A university in our area is changing its homecoming court this year, making it more open and available for everyone.

Winona State University is making its homecoming court non-gendered for the first time, meaning students of all gender identities can become court royalty. Foregoing the traditional Homecoming King and Queen, WSU will instead crown two Homecoming Royalty at the coronation ceremony.

The WSU student body will choose the royalty based on who will be the best representatives of their school values.

"We wanted all of our students to feel very welcome and included into our honor and ceremony, and so since not all of our students identify as being male or female, we wanted to make sure that they knew that they were definitely invited to participate," said Winona State University Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership Tracy Rahim.

Officials also say the change allows all school clubs to nominate any individual they would like.

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