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News 8 goes through active shooter situation training

La Crosse police: Be aware of your surroundings

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - An active shooter situation is something we like to believe will never happen in our community, but if it does, the La Crosse Police Department wants everyone to be prepared.

On Wednesday morning, La Crosse Police Lieutenant Troy Nedegaard toured WKBT News 8 with our management then sat down with us to talk about ways to handle a situation.

It's something the police department offers throughout the community.

"A lot of times when we say active shooter, the first thing that comes to mind is schools, but that is more of a perception issue," said Lt. Nedegaard. "The majority of the active shooters actually occur in some type of business atmosphere, not the school itself. That's why we'd like to get the message out for other businesses, be aware of it, it isn't just happening in schools, it's actually happening more prevalent in the business community."

Lt. Nedegaard stressed they don't want people to be paranoid just prepared.

"You can't forget what's around you and different tools and plan to utilize instead of panicking," Lt. Nedegaard said.

It's important to have a secure environment and to know the various exits of your building.

"From there, a notification system – getting information out. And then goes into self-training. One of the most common things your mind forgets about, things in front of you, gain that knowledge."

Lt. Nedegaard said during an active shooter situation you should run, hide or fight. If you have to fight, you should think about common items that can be used as a weapon, like a fire extinguisher, a phone, or a stapler.

If you'd like to set one up for your own business, call police at (608) 789-7200 and ask for the Community Services Bureau.

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