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New eagles take over Larry and Lucy's nest

Blair-Taylor Elementary School students following nest

New eagles take over Larry and Lucy's nest

BLAIR, Wis. (WKBT) - It appears there has been a nest take over.

Larry and Lucy no longer are in their nest near Blair-Taylor Elementary School.

Late Thursday afternoon, the students in Mr. Darrin Briggs' third-grade class noticed a different eagle was in the nest. The class has been keeping track of the nest and Larry and Lucy for a few years and run the website, Eagles4Kids.com.

"This does happen but we just don't get to see it all that often," Briggs said.

In a video from Thursday at about 6 p.m., Larry is seen sitting in his nest when another eagle approaches and attacks Larry. (The attack happens at about 4:50 into the video below.) He took a talon to the head and went over the nest edge. An eagle is seen flying away, but Briggs is not sure which eagle it was.

There's no word on where Larry and Lucy are now, but Briggs said they presume they're okay. He checked the base of the tree Friday morning and did not see Larry or Lucy, which is good.

"They have left for the time being," Briggs said. "It does not mean this is over yet. Disputes like this are not scripted."

Briggs said a lot of his students knew about the incident before he told them in class Friday morning.

"They're saddened by it, but they're strong. We've had some difficulties in the past and they're learning from it and we'll keep going whatever happens. We don't have a crystal ball. We'll just take it day by day."

On Saturday morning, Briggs said he couldn't find Lucy, but he noticed Larry went back to the nest and appears to be with another eagle, Brigges wrote in an update on Eagles4Kids.com.

"Maybe Larry sensed that Lucy was infertile and chose to go another direction. I cannot rule out a fight between females either. I cannot say she is alive, however that is what I believe. She is one smart eagle and more than likely she knew her place now, and could not fight to save her nest."

The students will continue to monitor the nest and post daily updates at Eagles4Kids.com.


More video on the attack and aftermath at Eagles4Kids.com.

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