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Municipal boat harbor to stay open

Owners complies with city

Municipal Boat Harbor Remains Open

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse's Municipal Boat Harbor will remain open for business after nearly being shut down by the city.

The Board of Public Works gave the harbor's owner, Steve Mills, 30 days to address a number of issues with their lease agreement.  The list included late payments, defaulting, and failing to maintain the property dating back to 2000.

Mills met with the board Monday to show he has addressed those issues.  Although Mills complied with the city, he is questioning the process he had to go through to stay open.

"We'll just a lot of stress, a lot of work , but I don't know if I don't know necessarily I agree with how things went, but we figured it out between the city and myself I hope and go from there, so get the season going hopefully," said Mills.

Mills may not agree with everything the city has done regarding his harbor, but his effort to comply did not go unnoticed.

"I have to applauded Steve Mill's effort to get into compliance, as we talked at the board meeting, lets keep it up, and keep that communication and relationship going from here so that we can continue to have a great municipal boat harbor," said La Crosse's Mayor Tim Kabat.

The city is still looking at the harbors slip agreements along with how Mills is charging non-La Crosse residents. 

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