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Mount La Crosse hosts Adaptive Downhill Skiing Day

LA CROSSE, WI (AP) - The fresh snowfall made it a great day for kids with physical disabilities to hit the slopes.

More than a dozen visited Mount La Crosse Sunday for Adaptive Downhill Skiing Day. The YWCA and North American Squirrel Association puts on the event, which gives children with disabilities a chance to give skiing a try in a safe environment.

With the help of specially made equipment, kids were able to ski the slopes with their friends and family - an activity that would have been difficult without today's event.

"It gives them a chance to participate in skiing with us as a family," said Marlis O'Brian, a mother of one participant. "We get to ride up the lift together, go down the hill together, and it's something he wouldn't be able to do otherwise."

Donations from area organizations helped provide equipment for the skiing program.


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