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Minn. fix to campaign-cash conundrum is more cash

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Trying to address a surge of money to outside political groups, Minnesota campaign regulators are contemplating a counterintuitive solution: More money.

The state campaign finance board considers a plan Wednesday to raise donation limits for state candidates for the first time in many years. The aim is to give candidates more opportunities to raise money and better control the message for their campaigns. Outside groups not subject to limits are becoming ever-powerful players in races without the same accountability as candidates.

The plan would allow candidates for the Legislature to collect up to $1,000 per donor and those running for governor to pull in $3,000 per person.

Current limits cap allowable election-year donations at $500 for legislative candidates and $2,000 for those running for governor. Off-year limits are even lower.

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