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May Top Notch Teacher: Annika Olson

La Farge family, consumer science teacher gives kids life lessons

May Top Notch Teacher: Annika Olson

LA FARGE, Wis. (WKBT) - This month's Top Notch Teacher teaches family and consumer science in the La Farge School District.

Annika Olson says the school subject is just as important as math or science because it prepares students for life.

"That entails teaching a variety of classes based on things that people would do in the home," Olson said. "Some of the skills I teach, that's life. They have to be able to measure and be able to function in a kitchen, at least on a base line."

But her teaching style goes well beyond the walls of her classroom.

"The project they are doing right now is creating their own kind of fake classroom."

Olson's students are spending time in the kindergarten room to see how the teacher sets up the room, how the students learn and what types of activities they do.

"It's a way to help them interact with the kids and learn how they learn," Olson said.

It seems with every new day, Olson's students are doing a different activity.

"I try to differentiate a lot within my teaching so I can hit every learner and that's why the activities are so vast."

Something one of her students is grateful for.

"I want to be a mid-wife when I am older so I thought taking a childcare class would be a good background for me and what I want to do," said student Olivia Havlik.

"Students' lives, they have a lot going on and you know it's great to have a program that encompasses all the different types of things they want to learn about."

This is Olson's first year as a teacher in the La Farge School District. She is excited to return next year and hopes to create even more activities for the students.

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