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Mary Burke visits La Crosse

Democratic candidate for governor discusses jobs plan

Mary Burke visits La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A day after Governor Scott Walker announced his re-election campaign in La Crosse, democratic candidate Mary Burke also made a stop in the city.

Wednesday afternoon, Burke took a tour of the Western Technical College campus and spent some time catching up with students there. During those conversations, she highlighted the parts of her jobs plan that focus on how education can bring more jobs to Wisconsin.

"It's too late to start in technical colleges or universities to work with students on their skills - we have to re-define high schools here in Wisconsin," Burke said.

Experts say the deciding factor at the polls this year will be the economy. For democratic candidate Mary Burke, that means finding future jobs for students like those at Western Tech.

"The way that we're going to move Wisconsin forward in terms of creating jobs, making sure we're able to compete for jobs in the future, is education and training," she said.

During her tour, Burke talked about her intent to help students succeed at the high school level to create more jobs in Wisconsin. So far, Gov. Scott Walker has focused his campaign on his record of cutting taxes as a way to boost the economy.  Either strategy ultimately comes down to which candidate can gain the taxpayers' trust this November.

"The question is going to be who instills more confidence in terms of building the economy and building that economic infrastructure," said Tim Dale, a political science professor at UW-La Crosse.

The latest poll by WPR has Walker up 16 points over Burke, with 56 percent supporting him and 40 percent supporting her.

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